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Michelle, Brad Thunders

10 May 2015, 9:49 am | Posted by: admin

Naive teen Michelle thinks she's doing some harmless bikini modeling, but the porn director has other plans! He's not gonna let a fresh, juicy piece of ass like Michelle out of his grasp. She strips off her top nervously like the shy girl she is, then yanks her pants off to show off her tight 19-year-old ass. Before you know it, this fresh-faced cutie is chowing down on her first big dick getting dick spit all over her hot little body. She gasps as Brad Thunders slams his cock deep in her cunt and doesn't stop until he's ready to blast hot jizz down her eager mouth!

Category: Retro

Velvet Rose, Kalani, Anthony Hardwood

27 April 2015, 3:18 am | Posted by: admin

Velvet Rose and Kalani are fire and ice to each other. This blond and brunette pair gets rather hot and bothered as they're working on each other, but their real draw is to Anthony Hardwood's manhood. These hotties don't even try to find a private place to suck on his dong when they get the chance. Instead they're going to go ahead and find a convenient place to start working on that meatstick. Their twats are dripping as they watch that massive dick come flying at their faces and they tag team suck that shlong in real pleasure.

Category: Retro

Brooke, Ethan

5 April 2015, 12:04 pm | Posted by: admin

Brooke and Ethan take turns complimenting on how hot and attractive the other person is. Dainty, young brunette, Brooke laments that most of her clients are dusty, old geriatrics, so she counts her lucky stars every time a young, strapping fellow such as Ethan strolls in. She's looking for any excuse to jump his bones. Ethan wasn't born yesterday. He paws at her sexy, little chewable ass in a pink thong, while she slobs his knob and balls. They enjoy themselves a little 69 action, before Ethan pounds her out doggy-style!

Category: Retro

Evelyn, Olivia, Nick

3 March 2015, 7:28 am | Posted by: admin

Olivia and Evelyn are a couple of dirty bimbos looking for their next belly full of jizz. They pounce on Nick like a couple of horny jackals, rapidly shedding his pants to get at his cock. These two slutbag whores switch off swallowing his vomit stick, begging to see who gets FUCKED first. Olivia gets first dibs at getting her gash stuffed, but don't feel bad for Evelyn, because she gets her snapper ate out by Olivia as she gets drilled!

Category: Retro

Summer Tyme, J. Horse

15 February 2015, 7:54 pm | Posted by: admin

After a night of solid partying, two horny college rascals locked themselves in an upstairs bedroom to get it on away from the prying eyes of their friends. He pulls the clothes off his petite companion, revealing an extremely athletic body with small but perfectly formed tits. The slut goes down on her man and he returns the favour, eagerly licking her almost virginal snatch. She gets fucked missionary first and then rolled over onto all fours. He almost splits her in two as he thrusts roughly up into her tight cunt, holding her hip with one hand and pulling her hair with the other. The dirty bitch takes a massive facial cum shower.

Category: Retro

Chocolate, Angela D'Angelo, Candy Apples, Chandra Vega, Kyle Phillips

3 February 2015, 11:41 pm | Posted by: admin

In this one we have Chocolate , Angela D Angelo , Candy Apples , Chandra Vega and Kyle Phillips getting down and dirty. The camera shows us close ups of the action behind the vids. On one room we see a hot woman mouthing multiple studs while one of then is deep in her vag with his swollen dick. They are all lining up to to have a bang at her. As their numbers are called they step up and bare their tools so she can take care of business. One line is to get a crack at her slit and the other line is for meatstick mouthing. There are plenty of close up of cocks being sucked and cooche being banged.

Category: Retro

Pietra, Pantera, Veronica Bella

23 January 2015, 7:04 pm | Posted by: admin

Three hot babes: Pietra, Pantera and Veronica Bella were in the tropics playing around, dancing and getting naked. The hot sun on their skin felt so good that they decided to play around a little bit. As their mouths and tongues started wondering these babes licked pussy and ass and fingered every hole in site then broke out the toys and went to work. They explored each other's pussies and asses with these toys while sucking on each other's clits and nipples. Each girl got to have a great orgasm with a dildo buried inside her pussy then they had threeway kiss and relaxed for a little while.

Category: Retro

Savannah Fox, Jerry

2 December 2014, 9:41 am | Posted by: admin

Touching nervous before her big job interview, Savannah Fox sneaks outside to have a smoke and meets one of the employees, Jerry. After some chitchat, Savannah scurries back on time for her appointment and lo and behold, who is sitting in the boss's chair but none other than Jerry! Immediately ashamed, Savannah decides to seduce him with her oversize ass and her expert penis-sucking mouth! Pulling off his pants, she eats that shaft up and then spins around so her new boss can spread apart her booty cheeks and lick her slit and crack. She gets a hot pile-drive fuck right on the desk and catches his ejaculate!

Category: Retro

Dylan Ryder, Chris Canyon

1 July 2014, 8:34 pm | Posted by: admin

Rich tart Dylan Rider needs her pussy licked, so she gets one of her many boyfriends over to her house. When he walks in, she is already stripped down to her panties, lying on her luxurious bed. He wastes no time in burying his tongue between her thighs, licking that perfect snatch until she's at the brink of orgasm. Then he slides his pole up inside her, rutting her missionary and then doggy style and finally with her bouncing up and down on top. This girl has perfect breasts and she really knows how to work that dick. At the very last moment, her man pulls out and spunks all over her face, and she lifts her head up to catch the cum.

Category: Retro

Nicole Heiress, Lee Stone

29 May 2014, 6:41 am | Posted by: admin

A couple of dudes are out in the park tossing the ol' pigskin around when they meet Nicole Heiress as she sits at a picnic table. She's cold, and she quickly agrees to accompany them back to their apartment to warm up. One of the guys helps her undress and bends her over to eat out her wet pussy from behind, and she kneels to return the favor by sucking his hard cock. She lays back to get fucked missionary, and she climbs on top to ride him cowgirl. She takes it doggy style, and he finally covers her pretty face in his hot cum.

Category: Retro

Jessica Jamison, Jay Ashley

4 May 2014, 9:18 pm | Posted by: admin

Jessica Jamison is the head nurse of her unit and was called to do a home visit for Jay Ashley. She took one look at him and knew exactly what he needed. She pulled her nice large boobs out and let him suck them while she got his dickhead out of his pants and gave him a handjob. She then leaned over and showed him exactly why they call her the head nurse. After she slobbered on his knob and got him hard she got on top and wrapped her tight pussy around that hard pecker. He loved it as she slammed up and down on him. She ended up on her knees and used her mouth to collect the hot sperm specimen for the lab.

Category: Retro

Angeline, Lance

18 March 2014, 7:56 pm | Posted by: admin

Asian Angeline is one hot babe and she likes to have a good time. She strips down and spreads her ass cheeks before sucking Lance's cock. The pleasure on her pussy makes her want to suck him off constantly and Trevor is only to happy to oblige. Then it's time for him to start pounding her for a little bit and she is loving every inch if his pecker inside her. There is constant penetration going on. That is until she climbs up on him and rides him. She gets hit from the back doing doggystyle and it is hot! Her tight pussy feels so good that he can't wait to blow his load all over her upside down face and neither can she!

Category: Retro

Rebecca Linares, Scott Hancock

10 March 2014, 12:11 pm | Posted by: admin

Rebecca was the victim of sexual harassment at her job and needed a good lawyer. She came to my office looking for legal help but had difficulty describing the events since her English was so poor. The only way to overcome this communication breakdown was to use the universal language. So this South American sexpot dropped to her knees and showed me how the bad man made her suck it. Then she bent over and showed me how she took it hard in the pussy and the asshole. I've got a much better understanding of the case now.

Category: Retro

Velvet Rose, Stacy Carpenter, Chuck Martino

24 February 2014, 11:28 pm | Posted by: admin

Chuck Martino is surrounded by hot, gorgeous beauties day in and day out but he has his favorites when it comes to the bedroom. Stacy Carpenter stops by with her awesomely tanned body to get a quick bikini adjustment, but Velvet Rose is the harlot that Chuck Martino is really looking for. He requires to get her on his shaft and naked as all hell before she even realizes that it's time for a pumping. This beach bimbo is very happy to assist him in getting his knob polished and before long he is getting to sink his manhood into that luscious beach beaver.

Category: Retro

Barbie Addison, Jack Lawrence

6 February 2014, 5:18 pm | Posted by: admin

Barbie Addison is out to get some revenge against her mother. Her mom is about to kick her out, so she's called over her mom's boyfriend, Jack Lawrence and just flat out asked him to fuck. He's been watching her walk around the house barely wearing any clothes, and had been planning on breaking up with her mom anyway so he happily agrees to fuck her tight hole. His huge pole has to stretch out her super tight pussy before he can really fuck her good and hard and make her cum all over his cock.

Category: Retro

Chrissy Moon, Donny Long

15 November 2013, 12:34 am | Posted by: admin

Petite cutie Crissy Moon is doing some work in her office when she's joined by her male friend. He convinces her to go back to her place, and they're soon sitting on her bed taking of each other's clothes. She goes to work sucking his hard cock, and she climbs on top to ride him cowgirl. He lays beside her to give it to her while spooning her, and she gets on her hands and knees to get fucked doggy style. She lays back to take it missionary, and he finally gives her a messy facial, leaving her covered in his hot cum.

Category: Retro

Dru Berrymore, Rafe

9 October 2013, 10:18 am | Posted by: admin

If you like blond babes in ebony latex, you have to watch this vid right now! Stunning blond Dru Berrymore wears a delightful latex bikini and high heels as she gets banged by pornstar Rafe, who is dressed from head to toe in a matching skintight latex outfit. Although Rafe wears a mask for the duration of the episode, Dru's body is completely on display and looks fucking unbelievable! She gives her all for this movie, slurping the shaft down to the balls and making herself gag before she gets reamed in her tiny, pink, shaved beaver. She is obviously extremely tight because Rafe cums quick, pounding out his load on to Dru's backside hole.

Category: Retro

Chelsy, Trevor Slide

22 August 2013, 6:34 am | Posted by: admin

Naughty Chelsy strips naked on the bed as the camera captures every inch of her body up close and personal! She's finally nude and is fed a big dick that she eagerly goes to work on. She's treated like the little whore that she is as she goes down on his cock. She's gagged for a bit and then she really gets treated like a fuck toy as he slips her the meat. Chelsea rides on top of him and takes control of his cock buried tightly in her snatch. He pumps into her in all sorts of ways and treats her like his own personal fuck doll. He plows that pussy nice and hard until finally in the ultimate act of servitude, lets him cum on her face!

Category: Retro

Tyrelle Jorj Is Naughty And Nasty Pleasuring Her Stud

19 July 2013, 8:49 am | Posted by: admin

A pretty brunette with dreadlocks gets fucked hard by her boyfriend, licks her coochie juice off his wang and then gets banged by him again in this xxx shag-fest

Category: Retro

She Gets Fucked Silly In The Bathroom

17 May 2013, 10:11 pm | Posted by: admin

Desiree was in the bathroom getting ready for a big night out on the town in a short little skirt when Trent walked in and got hot just looking at her. He got her out of her short little skirt, put her on her knees and put his cock in her mouth. She blew him until he was as hard as steel then he bent her over up against the wall and stuffed his cock into her wet and ready pussy. He pounded her tight pussy deep and made her cum all over his meat snake. After he busted a nut he put her in the tub so she could get cleaned up for her night out.

Category: Retro

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